Choosing the best office machines for being even more productive

We want everyone to work in the best possible conditions, being more productive, more efficient and in better health. This is why we offer solutions for the working environment, such as office machines, archival products, ergonomic solutions and air purifiers. Over years, best office machines have been designed for your workplace, both in the office and in the house. They are tailored to meet the needs of a constantly changing world and help you give the best of yourself.

What exactly are office machine

The term ‘office machine’ or ‘desktop device’ refers to:

  • multifunction devices, 
  • photocopiers,
  • printers, 
  • fax machines, 
  • desktop computers or laptops and screens. 

In addition, most offices have other devices, for example a refrigerator or a coffee machine. Other office machines, for example: typewriters, duplicators, postage machines, pencil sharpeners. 

Always mind that there are hidden costs: operating costs are often undervalued. Consumable costs (cartridges toner, paper, etc.), add those of the electricity consumption. These latter are generally far superior to the initial assumptions. A comparative economic evaluation should therefore integrate these operating costs. The production and operation of office equipment requires energy, and cause emissions and waste. They thus affect the environment and the place of work. 

Office devices consume energy, often very much.  Studies show that three-quarters of electricity is not consumed for the main function of the devices but in “standby” or “standby” mode. Thus, the consumption induced by these functions is an essential data. Many devices consume doubling of energy: On the one hand for usual operations, and on the other hand to dissipate heat using ventilation or air conditioning systems, especially during the summer months. 

Basic principles of choosing office machines

  • Going shopping for office machines, choose the devices that respond to energy and environmental criteria of top ten or the Blue Angel and TCO.
  • Require suppliers to activate and configuration of economy functions energy, also for network use.
  • Carefully plan the technical environment, such as the server, uninterruptible power supply, and even the ventilation and air conditioning system of the computer room. These equipment is expensive and involve significant costs operational.
  • Purchase and “leasing”. Simply choose devices on the site (except computers fixed). Request offers. 

Office environment 

Manufacturers of the office equipment have solid experience in the development of ergonomic workstation solutions. Today we are pleased to expand our range of sit-stand solutions to include a range of height adjustable desks such, a wide range of monitor arms including the new range as well as a modern range of accessories ergonomic adjustable desks.

Why do we need the air purifier

Studies indicate that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air! Because we spend an average of more than 90% of our time indoors, it’s important that these air pollutants are eliminated. 

Many factors contribute to deteriorating quality indoor air. Air pollutants more common are mold, dust, pollens, germs or viruses. They contribute largely to the development of many allergies and respiratory diseases from which we suffer today. Use an air purifier at home or in the office

significantly reduces the number of harmful particles contained in the air.

At home, even a clean house harbors particles potentially harmful that can be eliminated thanks to an air purifier. In the office, the air shared with your colleagues contains a number significant of air pollutants.

Shop for office machines 

Solutions for presenting your documents

The binding systems are not only very elegant, but a convenient way to present office documentation. You can also open and close it very easily by hand like a zipper.

In short: The binding office machines are extraordinary and also save the costs! The low handling requirements and the high quality of materials make them an ideal office utensil. It is also possible to reuse the backs to be linked as often as you want which significantly reduces costs of supplies. Incorrectly printed pages can be removed and replaced without problem. There is no need to print and re-bind the entire presentation. Replacement of individual sheets becomes child’s play.

More professional models have all the advantages requested by professionals binding and adapted to the market office. Its exceptional longevity, page security, the revolution of 360 ° opening are available for all office applications requiring the completion of files 125 pages of 80 gr / m2 maximum.

The binding machines can be multifunctional. With the international standard at plastic combs as a basis, machines to be linked multifunction will also offer the metal comb binding with twenty loops, but also for a standard four-hole punch in archiving.

The two types of office binding machines are represented are ideal for personal use or for small offices. Updating the document is simple: unfold, add pages and close it same plastic comb. The binding machines with ten pins is the solution professional when documents secure and tamper-proof are necessary.