Office equipment: stationary and laminators for the office spaces

By adding a plastic cover to your document, you preserve it and make it look professional high quality. Laminating protects your documents from fingerprints, stains and tears, while sublimating contrasts and colors. Laminated documents are useful for presentations, outdoor displays, but also to preserve all your important documents handled daily. 

Reasons to use a laminator in the office 

By protecting your papers or cards with a plastic sleeve, you will get the following advantages: 

  • documents become more durable with a quality finish and a professional appearance. 
  • lamination protects documents from fingerprints digital, stains and tears. 
  • It improves the color and contrast of printing, now the documents in like new for many years. 
  • laminated paper or card can be used for presentations, signage, reusable displays and preservation of important documents and frequently consulted.

A laminated office documentation gets a quality rendering that lasts longer.

The possibilities of laminating are endless, but here are some of the recommended uses to help you start. It doesn’t matter if you want to enhance the colors, capture your best moments or keep your documents, the specialized office machines manufacturers offers you the right solution.

Laminators are segmented according to the frequency of use and the maximum thickness of the pocket accepted. The more the thickness of the pouch accepted by the machine, the more it will offer various uses. The best office machines are available in two sizes to laminate up to A4 or A3 format. The greater the entry width the larger the laminator, the larger the machine will accept.

Guide to supplies and stationary for office

So-called “green” stationary products for the office are increasingly present in catalogs providers. How can you be sure that a product is “green”? Remember that eco-responsibility must be considered in its entirety. From the publications relating to the exemplarity of the state with regard to sustainable development in the functioning of its services and its public establishments, targets have been set for the office supplies. 

The criteria on which the buyer can rely are the eco-labels. An eco-label is a label official issued to products with environmental benefits. The public procurement code, when several criteria are used to award the market, makes it possible to use performance criteria in terms of protection of

the environment. These criteria must be non-discriminatory and linked to the subject of the contract. So, if you, as a buyer wish to rely on the eco-label, it must accept the equivalences to this label and specify the elements of assessment.

Longevity means savings

There are many writing products on the market. Each of these products has specific technical characteristics which allow one or more specific functions to be fulfilled. The selection criteria can therefore be multiple but the main ones are: 

– What is the product intended for? Write on paper or on other media …

– How often is it used? (its ergonomic characteristics are they essential?)

– Under what conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)?

– Are its environmental characteristics a criterion essential?

The definition sheets in this guide will allow you to select the product better suited to your needs, and therefore, allow you to carry out savings.

There are everyone’s needs and habits; buying stationary products for office means supplying well the right product the better the use we will make of it. Example: buy perforated thicker pockets to put multiple sheets in, is running for failure. The cover will burst very quickly at first use and we will have lost documents, time and money. 

So be very careful to buy the articles which correspond well to the use that you will do this no waste and no disappointment. The material in which the product is made is also a very important criterion. A polypropylene hanging file will always be much more resistant than a cardboard hanging folder and you rarely buy a hanging folder to avoid use it only one year. 

But if it comes to archiving workbooks every year with their content inside then as much buy the cheapest.