Why Textile Companies of Turkey Is Getting Global

With the increase in demand for textile products, Turkey has emerged as one of the fastest developing countries in the field of textiles and nonwovens. The increasing demand for products ranging from shawls, silks, knitted and woven fabrics to daily use wear has led to an increased demand for textile industries and their products. Turkey is emerging as one of the world leaders in textile production and export. It is the largest producer of cotton fibers, yarns, manmade fiber textiles and nonwovens in the world.

Turkey has an advanced textile industry with an important contribution towards the global textile industry. After the world-wide trend of nonwoven and technical textiles over the past decade, the fast growth has been noticed in all fields of manufacturing, export and consumption of Turkey in nonwoven and technical textiles.. The textile industry is progressing at a faster pace than before. Several textile manufacturing companies from across the globe are setting their sights on Turkey as they are aware of the country’s potentiality and potentialities.

Turkey is emerging as a textile exporter and weaver. With a liberal trade policy and increasing focus on textile industry, Turkish manufacturers are taking advantage of this policy by selling their textiles and nonwovens to the rest of the world. There has been an increase in the number of import and exported textile products. Turkey has an extensive woven and non-woven industries and there is a great potential of expanding these industries.

There are several textile manufacturing complexes and state-of-the-art Textile Research Institute are focusing on various textile sectors. The institute has introduced new technologies and improved the quality of fabrics and fibers. With this effort, we can say that Turkey is now a hub for Textile Industries. It is a source producer of both Non-Woven Fabrics (NWC) and Woven Fabrics (WC). Textile industry of Turkey is based on cotton production, yarn production and sari weaving. The textile market of Turkey is increasing tremendously and with the rate of globalization it is expected to touch $10 billion by 2021.

As we move forward, we see that there are different forms of nonwoven fabrics available in the market. Some of them are advanced, technologically advanced textiles which include smart textiles, virgin non-synthetic fibers and advanced semi-precious fibers. In the coming years, the demand for woven fabrics will surpass that of non-woven fabrics, thereby giving a tough competition to Turkey in textile industry. As Turkey is still lacking experience in textile production, it is trying hard to catch up with the rapidly growing textile industry in Asia. In fact, the textile market of Turkey is now the largest in the world, after China and India.

There are several textile companies who are investing in the Turkish market. The most important reason why textile companies of Turkey are investing in Turkey is because of the benefits that come with buying cotton fabrics from Turkey and selling them worldwide. Moreover, the State of Turkey offers the competitive textile prices and the technology necessary for cotton production. Many textile companies have started operating in Turkey and they are waiting for the right moment to invest in the economy of Turkey.

There are several reasons why the textile industry of Turkey is getting global. One is that Turkish cotton fabric has the highest possible density and fiber weight. In addition to that, Turkey is a leading exporter of semisoft, polyester and nylon. Furthermore, there are many manufacturers in Asia and Europe are producing nonwoven and textile products out of cotton fabrics that are produced in Turkey. These products include Todays trendy cotton clothing and jeans.

One of the most popular nonwoven fabrics is the Todays sportswear which is widely used by professional athletes around the world. It was Todays technological textiles and it was the first time that these were manufactured in large quantities. The main reason behind this was the low cost of labor in Turkey. The nonwoven fibers that are produced in Turkey are high quality and durable, unlike the fiber produced in Asia and Europe. Another reason for the rising popularity of Turkish fabrics is that the high quality of the fibers and fabrics makes it ideal for producing technical textiles.