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Best MSI Gaming Apps

PC users often experience degraded gaming performance, and their hardware is often at or below the minimum system requirements. However, even having the right hardware isn’t always a guarantee that games will run smoothly. Much also depends on the software and operating system. Take a look at the best msi gaming app in this article.

Gaming App of Razer Cortex

If the RAM, processor, and other components of the PC are overloaded with various tasks that are not related to the running game, then the stable performance of the latter may be a big question. It is in such situations that special programs can come to the rescue, designed to speed up games by freeing up additional (occupied by other processes) computer resources for them.

Game Booster was developed by the renowned company Razer, which specializes in the production of various gaming devices for gamers – keyboards, mice, headsets, etc. Like its other products, the Razer Cortex software is also geared towards gamers. Among the useful functions in the program, there is a separate component responsible for increasing the performance of games and optimizing them. This component consists of the following tools:

  • This tool is designed to change system settings/applications/services and graphics card driver settings in such a way that it affects the increase in-game performance. For example, the Debug tool can change the priority of the running processes, applying the highest priority to the running game.
  • The task of this tool is to increase the performance of the RAM and remove unnecessary (for playing) background Windows applications and services from it.
  • With this tool, the user can defragment (organize the stored data) the area of the hard drive where the game is installed. This will reduce the load on the mechanism for moving the read head of the hard drive, which also affects the performance of the game when reading data into RAM.

Gaming App of Game Fire

  • Game Fire is another noteworthy utility entirely dedicated to speeding up games. The functionality of the application is quite wide. Of the most useful functions for gamers, we note:
  • General system optimization: freeing memory from various third-party processes, temporarily disabling scheduled Windows tasks, disabling themes and visual effects (3D effects, transparency, color depth, and others).
  • Disabling/optimizing system functions: disabling the functions of transferring/receiving files via the Internet, suspending the operation of various services (search and indexing, media center, automatic updates, system diagnostic tools, and others).
  • Temporarily suspend security services and applications: system firewall, Windows Defender, Security Center, BitLocker Drive Encryption.
  • Optimization of the built-in/external devices of the computer: temporary disconnection of printers, scanners, webcams, tablets, and other peripherals, disabling support for Bluetooth connections, shutting down the “Disk Manager” and more. Disconnecting devices also terminate their drivers and system services that ensure their functionality.

The programs listed above are just the most well-known game boosters in Runet. You can find many other paid and free applications on the web with similar functionality. When using such software products, it is important to understand that they have no effect on the hardware performance of the main computer equipment – video card, processor, etc. For these purposes, there are special applications for overclocking a PC, but even those cannot boast of the ability to significantly increase the performance of the machine.